We are a full-service team.

What Makes Us Different​

We are well-skilled and knowledgeable of both residential and commercial plumbing .We pride ourselves on enhancing the plumbing business to an extraordinary heights. The constant growth of our company since its creation has proven that our expertise, and hard work keep satisfying our customers.​

As technology has advanced and methods have changed, AB Gas and Property Service Ltd have adapted to meet the needs of all of our customers, providing excellent services.  With our experienced and reliable technicians, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer support and customer satisfaction as your #1 choice plumbers.

Highly Trained Technicians​

You can trust that our technicians are fully equipped to tackle the job and provide quality service.​

On Time Delivery

Business is about what customers want and we always make sure we deliver on time as scheduled.​

Professional Standards

We provide services which incorporates the professional standards required of public service staff in general.